Membership Organizing Program

Our Mission:

To build a larger, stronger, more powerful IBEW Local 1430 with the assistance of our greatest advocates: YOU!

How the Program Works:

M.O.P is designed to give individuals the opportunity to participate in the Union organizing process, make additional money and possibly gain employment as a Union business agent. In order to receive compensation you will be responsible for a certain level of involvement. Don’t worry, The Union will perform 99% of the work, and we will educate you so you understand exactly what is required. Generally, your responsibilities would be to:

  1. Establish a list of people you know who are working without a Union.
  2. Contact the people on your list:
    • Speak to that person and ask if they would be interested in having Union representation.
    • Find out the problems, complaints and issues at the workplace.
    • Schedule a meeting for a Union representative to meet with you and your contact.
  3. Be available to attend meetings and participate in the campaign when necessary.

The Process: Organizing is a two part process: (1) Securing legal status as the legal representative of a workforce and (2) Negotiating a first contract.

  1. Securing legal status as the legal representative of a workforce: The average successful organizing campaign takes approximately (4) months depending on the size of the workforce.
  2. Contract Negotiations: Negotiations can take as little as (3) weeks and as long as (2) years. Although securing a first contract can be difficult, we have been very successful at accomplishing the task. In our experience an initial contract takes 6-12 months to be negotiated.

Although organizing is not a quick process, it is a way to substantially supplement your income with little involvement and minimal effort.

Your Requirements:

Each day you interact with countless people who work without Union protection. Your relatives, friends or employees of other Copmpanies that you deal with through work. You can make a positive change in these people’s lives simply by making a phone call.

  1. Establish a list of people you know: This list should consist of people who are employed (by a non-union company) and no younger than 20 years old. Spend some time coming up with this list, you will be surprised how many people you know. Once you feel like your list is complete, list the company they work for and a contact number.
  2. Contact the people on your list: This is not a sales call, these are your friends so this communication should be conversational. However, there are (3) focuses of the call:
    • Establish why you’re calling – Be comfortable, you’re calling to see if you can help them
    • Share your experiences – Good, bad and indifferent, this should be authentic since it’s coming from you
    • Set up a meeting with a Union representative – Have them agree to meeting with a Union Representative.
  3. Schedule a meeting for a Union Representative to meet with you and your contact: At this point you will have enough information for the Union to determine if there is a possibilty of helping your contact. If the Union believes that it can help your contact, the Union will reach out to you to set up a meeting with you and your contact(s) to gauge the level of interest and viability of pursuing the target.

If you have any question regarding this program please contact an I.B.E.W Local 1430 Represntative at (914) 948-3771.